System Training and Support

The first step in adopting a new solution to a system is implementing it. But to be effective, users need to be skilled at what they’re doing. While simplicity is a hallmark of all solutions we design, we know that some orientation and training will always be required.

It’s for this reason DesignIt! provides cost-effective training for you and your staff along the way to ensure solutions are used to their fullest capacity. On top of this, support is just a text or email away. We pride ourselves on being there for you to ensure everything runs smoothly with minimal interruption.

Online or face-to-face support and training is available.

Technical Training Services

A huge part of what we do is provide training solutions. We design, develop and deliver site-specific operations and maintenance training programs that make life easier across the board.

We’ve executed major training projects throughout North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. Our number one objective is to development a confident, competent, and safe workforce. DesignIt! draws on resource sector trainers to develop and deliver flexible, site-specific operations and maintenance training, for process industries.

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Indigenous Engagement/Capacity Building

Successful companies around the world understand the importance of building sustainable relationships with Indigenous People and supporting the development of an Indigenous workforce.

We have years of experience in the area of Indigenous engagement and capacity building. We’ve helped many resource companies build and foster relationships with local communities in remote settings and pave the way to a sustainable workforce.

We provide companies with assistance and consulting in:

  • Indigenous engagement and consultation
  • Cultural awareness
  • Working effectively with Indigenous peoples
  • Indigenous education and training programs

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Leadership Development

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is inconsistency in leadership and the differences in what it means to be an effective leader. Successful companies need to think innovatively and collaborate across departments to pin down a common vision of what competent, shared leadership means. Too often leaders get entrenched in rigid patterns of behaviour that limits their ability to work together and perform at max capacity.

Our educators have experience at all levels of management, and have developed leadership strategies for organizations small and large. Whether you require a tailor-made program, or support and coaching for members of your team, DesignIt! can do it.