We provide comprehensive, integrated solutions tailored to the needs of companies and their projects. We are the unique alternative to the all-too common packaged systems that are too narrowly-focussed and only provide isolated support to separate aspects of your project or operations.

Our in-field expertise as engineers, project managers, system designers, technical trainers, logistic specialists, and experienced business and financial leaders enable us to understand your goals and the challenges you face — and provide comprehensive and innovative business solutions that integrate address the needs of your entire company.


Our solutions are:

IntelligentDesignIt! assembles multiple sources of data to complete required business integration and analysis. Whether using multiple programs or starting from scratch, Designit! provides intelligent systems that streamline and integrate

Comprehensive and IntegratedOur systems enable users to manage data and documents for all key stakeholders and their devices, providing the critical real-time information needed to monitor, manage and track key decisions. This holistic integration brings increased efficiency, communication and productivity.

SecureMultiple security features protect all stakeholder data and documents at all times. Secure permissions ensure information remains confidential, tailored to the requirements of our clients. We can host our software and data on our servers and manage server security if needed.

SupportedWe provide a variety of training and consulting services to support companies in their operations. From technical training to system design, DesignIt! embraces its role as a partner in supporting your success.

AccessibleInformation can be accessed from anywhere in the world, right from the palm of your hand. IOS or Android, tablet or laptop – you decide what data and fields you want your staff to see based on features such as position, responsibility, and more.

Designed for SimplicityDesignIt! tools and systems are easy to learn. Everything is readily accessible, organized and easy to locate. We provide in-house training so that in just a few hours, new users are up and running on their own.

ManagedUsers can manage, update and remotely support systems from our central console, saving time and money.

DesignIt!’s real-time system solutions blend seamlessly with existing programs, making your operations and project management so much easier and powerful. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Project Estimating
  • Project Cost Control
  • Site Access Control
  • Personnel schedules
  • Training records
  • Health and safety support
  • Camp Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Logistics and Site Receiving
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Laboratory Information Management
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Cable Management
  • Plant Data History
  • Data and Document Management
  • Email Assembly and Auto Filing

Project Life Cycle Solutions

DesignIt! runs perfectly on Microsoft (extending directly into MS Office and its other apps), IOS and Android platforms. No matter what your preference, we’re able to enhance the lifecycle of any of your projects while also empowering rapid and efficient project support.

And remember, DesignIt! supports the entire lifecycle of a project, from concept development to closure.


Asset Management

Managing assets is critical to your bottom line. But where our competitors use an non-integrated approach when listing project assets, we connect everything together, making your life immensely easier. Specifically, DesignIt! integrates assets with its detailed components, including parts, spares, motors, MCC buckets, cables, instruments and equipment. Each of which are further integrated with purchase orders, logistics providers, documents and inventory.

Whether you are a company that has been running for years and facing challenges, a department within a company, or a start-up, DesignIt! works with you to provide an integrated and comprehensive inventory and asset management solution tailored to your needs.


Enterprise Risk Management

Planning, leading, organizing and controlling all aspects of operations of an organization in order to minimize risk is absolutely critical for any successful company. All areas of an organization are subject to risk – technical, social, political, economic and environmental.

Our unique integrated approach lets us manage all data and documents associated with these risks, including filing all correspondence and core schedule dates with alerts as required.


Data Warehouse

How you capture, store and access data is fundamental to your company’s success. DesignIt! provides state-of-the-art solutions to capture data and analyze it in ways that fit seamlessly with your operations and preferred workflow.

Our data reporting and analysis software enables managers to access real-time information securely from their smart phones, tablets or laptops, in the office or on the go. DesignIt! aggregates, compresses and stores your data in a dynamic, scalable and integrated system so that you can reduce long-term storage requirements and generate reports faster.

The result of all this? All your data put in one centralized place. This lets decision-makers have immediate access to information and can spend less time searching and more time on higher-value work and making informed decisions.


Document Management

Communication breaks down, even between employees in the same office, when they cannot easily access important documents. For companies that have offices and projects in more than one location or country, problems gets even worse, making communication, collaboration, productivity and efficiency even more difficult.

DesignIt! brings paper-based systems online to electronically store, manage and track documents in a globally accessible and secure system.


Project Development

We’re here for you and your project. Our professionals provide engineering and technological solutions for project estimating, design, management (including subcontractors), construction, health and safety, quality assurance and control, and other issues in all phase of projects.

Wherever you are in the world, DesignIt! offers consulting and integrated technological support for all your project’s needs.



We support asset retirement and the decommissioning of your projects. We provide cost-effective solutions for the disposition of facilities, verification of cost provisions, and engineering.

We also offer decommissioning of project plans, asset inventory, identification and assessment tools, specifications and bid documents, and oversight of decommissioning implementation.


Custom Integration

It’s normal for companies to employ a variety of ‘out-of-the-box’ software products at the same time. This situation can often cause problems between systems and software products in different departments and create a multitude of challenges, including how to integrate, communicate and enable efficient, seamless flow of information.

DesignIt!, on the other hand, provides solutions that seamlessly integrate with packaged software products and eliminate information silos. We create holistic systems that relate, communicate and importantly, provide the real-time, secure data critical to effective and successful management.


People Development and Support

DesignIt! has a team of educational leaders and trainers to take your game up a notch. From technical support and training, to leadership development and capacity building, our experts are there to help you overcome the challenges of brought by transformations in your organization and systems, ensuring employees stay current with the evolution of your business.




Our mission is to solve complex problems through integrated engineering. We strive to ensure systems and processes are comprehensive, seamless and straightforward, with the end user in mind.


Our expertise in management provides an extra layer of added support for companies. DesignIT!’s associates are there to help meet specific project needs in the areas of strategic planning, finance, leadership development, team building, board governance, technical training and more.


Indigenous Relations

DesignIT!’s leaders are also experienced in working with Indigenous communities . For over 25 years, members of our team have successfully worked with Indigenous people both in Canada and abroad to ensure the development of mutually respectful relationships and the offering of culturally appropriate education and training programs.